1. How Can I buy from auctions?

To buy from auctions with us, you need first to register in our auction system.


2. How Can I register for bidding at the auction?

Please fill in this application form: http://autotradingbb.ajes.com/register or to go the home page and click register on the left side at the end.


3. How do I place a bid?

Login with your login name and password. Click Japanese auctions. Choose the Make and Model. Then click the desired lot number. On the right it says Bid; put here how much you want to bid for that car. Next, change to USD or Japanese Yen. In the next box on the right, choose if the bid amount is Auction price only or FOB or CIF or C&F. The box below that says Text is to write something you want to know about the car (e.g. Bid if it is only Diesel or how many seaters). Finally, click where it says, Enter a Bid or request information; click again to Agree with terms, and then it will send your Bid to the system. Every bid you place, a copy of it will be sent to your email.

4. How do I avoid buying a bad car from the auction?

Please check well the vehicle, make sure to read about the things you want to have on the vehicle. For example, some customers send bids without noticing that the car they chose was Manual Transmission instead of AT or Fuel was Diesel instead of Petrol (Gasoline) or the vehicle was 4WD instead of 2WD. Regarding Year of Manufacture (YOM) or if you are not sure please contact any of our Sales Rep. Do not place the bid because you like the photo only.


5. Can I buy accident cars?

We do not recommend to buy accident vehicles for several reasons, 1. Shipping Lines do not want to load it on the RORO vessels; 2. Transporting this type of vehicles from the auctions it costs an additional 400 dollars; 3. It looks good in pictures but the engine may not work or doesn’t move; 4. We do not repair so, we will ship as it is.


6. I sent a bid by mistake, How can I amend it?

If it is a mistaken vehicle, send the same bid again and in the Bid, the value put 0 in USD and in the TEXT box write PLEASE CANCEL THIS BID. If you just made a mistake in the value, eg. instead of 500,000 yen, you put 50,000 yen, send the same bid with the correct value.


7. Can you repair the car for me?

Sorry, we do not repair vehicles.


8. How do I know if I win the vehicle?

Our staff will call you to let you know we won the vehicle for you or they will send you the Invoice.


9. Before bidding, do I need to send some payments?

Yes, we need a security pre-bidding deposit. It is refundable. This is to avoid some fake buyers or people just joking around.


10. What is the payment method?

We accept Bank Transfer, Paypal, and LC.


11. What is the account information to send the payment?

Please check Bank Detail on the website.


12. After sending the payment, what do I do after?

You need to send the TT copy by email or fax to us.


13. When will you ship my car?

After your initial payment is confirmed, we will proceed to ship it on the next available vessel.


14. After you ship my car, will you send me BL copy?

Yes, we will send it by email after one or two days of departure of the vessel from Japan.


15. What is BL, FOB, CIF, CNF, Freight Prepaid, Freight Collect?

BL = Bill of Lading

FOB = Free on Board

CIF = Cost Insurance and Freight

CNF = Cost and Freight; Freight Prepaid = You will pay the freight in advance to us

Freight Collect = You will pay the freight in your country when the vessel arrives.


16. What kind of documents will I receive?

Original Bill of Lading, original Cancellation Certificate, English Translation of Cancellation Certificate, original Inspections if needed and Commercial Invoice.

17. How long does the vessel take to arrive at my port?

It depends on each shipping lines and how far is your port, but for example for the Caribbean, it takes 35 average days; Africa is about 20 days; South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, etc) 15 days; Oceania is about 18 days; Chile is about 30 days. This is just an estimated time, but the actual it is provided by each shipping line.